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  • Here is the challenge, you must rescue something from your trash, and create something new. (Take note of the picture above). Your new items must be usable. It can be a tool or it could be something decorative.  
  • All contest entrants must be members of Golden Rose Crafters Team. If you are not now a member you may become a member of GRC up to May 31st 2012 and still enter the Summer Challenge.
  • Let me know you are participating.  (
  • As for Judging, using trash items that are seldom saved  will weigh heavily towards the good in this challenge  Remove something from the trash that really never gets saved, that's what we are looking for here.
  • The hope is that the item you create will also sell.  Can you create something that you can convince others that they need?  However, the judging will not be based on whether or not you have been successful in selling your new creation.
  • When the project is finished to your satisfaction, you will need to put together a short report detailing what items you have used in your production.   You will need to supply pictures along with notes on how you created your item. This is for the judging so do a good job on your report.
  • This challenge will cover 4 months June through September that's plenty of time to let those creative juices flow and come up with something unique. I can't wait to give my quilt away to our next Etsy Success Story. So put your thinking caps on and get busy.  Cut off date is Sept. 28, 2012.
  • Judging begins directly after Sept. and winner will be announced Oct. 15, 2012
  • Contact me at   or
  • When the judging is completed the selected winner will be featured in a GRC Team Blog Article. Other selected items from the challenge will be used in the article as well.
  • Sponsored By Golden Rose Crafters
  • Quilt is in Production,  pictures will follow soon.
What will become of us? Plastic soap bottles, yogurt containers,  jars,  boxes, cans, pop tabs, lids, liquid soap bottle,  plastic containers of any sort, they go into the trash everyday.  If you are anything like me every time you have to throw one of these containers away you sigh and shake your head and you wish there was something you could use that container for because it bothers your conscience knowing that you are sending something to a landfill.
This summer is your opportunity to take one or more of those containers and create a use for it. As , Captain of Golden Rose Crafters Team I challenge you to remove something from your trash and use it to create something new. The new product can be decorative,  it can be a tool, use you imagination. But your end product has to rescue something from the trash.
Below I am going to share some ideas that I have found from other Etsy shops,  made by various crafters.  I think these are some great ideas, look them over and see if they can inspire you.

Beer bottles with the top cut off to make drinking glasses.
Pendant made from old Scrabble Tile
Clutch made from ReCyclced Juice Cartons
I've included below a few listings you can visit and see outstanding examples of what I'm talking about. One of the listings here is for lampshades made of plastic bottles and they are truly amazing and beautiful. Don't miss out on seeing them.
Butterfly made from Coke Can

Yvonne Hernandez
Refrigerator Magnet made from Coca Cola Can
Ceiling Light Made from Plastic bottles

Lampshade made from Plastic Bottles

Sarah Turner EcoDesigns

Folded Book Art Sculpture

Folded Book Art Sculpture
 Marcy BatesRecycled Reads

Michole Recycle Clocks

Recycle Clocks
Aqua Man Clock
I Love My Man Bicycle Sprocket

Recycled Magazine Vase
Recycle In Love

Marie Poulain

Recycle Examples

Submitted by:  Marilyn Rush of Marilyn1545


  1. Hi
    Was reading this blog since the items I make are from recycled watch and clock parts and the recycled/upcycled items you share here are incredible. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What beautiful examples have been made from rescued items!
    I am a trash keeper myself, always a use for something!

    Smiles, Cyndi